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Field Inspection App

This lightweight app simplifies the process of assigning inspection tasks to field workers, tracking their time spent on the job, and providing field service smart routing to the inspection site using Bing or Google Maps.

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What is KAISPE
Field Inspection App?

Field inspections play a crucial role in maintaining the optimal performance of business assets. These inspections involve regular activities to ensure compliance with health and safety standards, assess asset working conditions, and identify critical areas of improvement on-site. With the KAISPE Field Inspection app, organizations can inspect construction sites, infrastructure, manufacturing plants and machines, field equipment, roads, and public works, among others.


Experience the key Features of KAISPE Field Inspection App

Simplify your field inspections with KAISPE user-friendly app

  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Project and Job Management
  • Location Tracking and Smart Routing
  • Time Logging for Jobs
  • Report Generation
  • Report Distribution

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Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Asset Management is an important feature for field service teams.

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Customer Assets Management
  • Service Checklist

How does the KAISPE
Field Inspection app work with Dynamics 365

Data Synchronization

Field Inspection app can be integrated with Dynamics 365 to synchronize data between the two systems. This ensures all inspection data captured through KAISPE is automatically transferred to Dynamics 365 in realtime.

Reporting and Analysis

This application can be used to generate field inspection reports and dashboards, which can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This enables users to gain insights into inspection results and track performance over time.

Inspection Forms

It provides customizable inspection forms that can be tailored to specific inspection requirements. These forms can be integrated with Dynamics 365 to ensure that all inspection data is captured in a standardized and consistent manner

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